A Typical Day

A typical day with Safari Surf will make you wish every day was spent with with us in paradise.

Rise and shine to the incredible sound of Howler monkeys off in the distance, grab yourself some freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee, dive into a freshly cut fruit platter, check in with your instructor, and wax up your surfboard.

After the morning fuel up, it’s off to the beach we go. Roughly a 3 minute walk, this will get your blood flowing. Once at the beach we’ll do some basic stretching, talk a little about the conditions and some oceanography 101 and off we go for our surf lesson. We try to avoid dead high tide each day so your am and pm lesson times will vary day to day. You will always be able to check the tides, lessons times and our night’s dinner plans on the “whiteboard” at Olas Verdes!


After the a.m. lesson we’ll head back to Olas Verdes to drop off the surf boards and rinse off in the pool / shower. Then it is time to grab an awesome breakfast there at Olas Verdes.

After breakfast if you want to arrange any activities such as yoga, renting ATV’s, a trip to the waterfalls etc., either Tyler or one of our instructors will be happy to arrange them for you. Otherwise you’re on your own to go and explore the town or hang out by the pool with a good book… whatever your pleasure!

In the afternoon (again times will vary due to ocean tides) your second lesson of the day is at hand. Everyone gathers for a few pointers, and we’re off again. Once your lesson is completed, it’s time to rinse off the day at the pool and get liquid refreshment. You may decide to just hang out by the pool, or go back to the beach for an incredible Costa Rican sunset.

Once showered and refreshed, it’s time for dinner. We will all meet at the Olas Verdes bar at 6:30 pm (typically) each night. If we are scheduled to eat at the Casa Tucan restaurant, we will have a large table set up and one of our instructors will host that evening’s dinner affair. If we are scheduled to go into town and sample one of the other amazing food choices in Nosara, we will all get into our surf school van and head on down the dirt road (always good for a LOT of laughs and good times!).

Safari Surf School’s packages with meals allow you to sample the incredible food around town including (3) nights at the Olas Verdes BBQ. For the other 4 nights of the week we will take you out to other amazing eateries in and around Nosara. You will have a full menu access at all restaurants and meals consist of appetizers, main course, and dessert. We allow our guests a choice of either 2 beers or 1 glass of wine with their meal. More drinks are certainly available to anyone but that guest will need to cover that additional cost.

After your bellies are full…if we are out in town, we will bring you back to Olas Verdes where you are free to enjoy the evening. There are many things to do in Nosara “nightlife” wise and we will certainly make sure everyone is aware of any local “happenings” to see if anyone is interested in partaking! OR you may decide to sit down and relax at the Olas Verdes bar and meet and greet other travelers!!