Are you Packing for a Purpose?

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INSIDE PEAK– August 2015
Making a Difference for School Kids in Costa Rica

With a new school year just around the corner, many of us find ourselves crowding the school supplies aisles, buying our children the latest in pencils, notebooks and folders before they’re are all gone. While this can be a challenge, it’s fair to say that we can sometimes take the availability of school supplies for granted in the United States. However, our local Costa Rican schools experience a significant lack in availability of products. Owners Marsi and Tim Marsh have recognized that local schools in Nosara are in need of basic necessities, including paper, pens, crayons and chalk. In recognition of Safari Surf School’s sustainability initiatives as a core company value, the two have partnered up with both Pack for a Purpose and the Surfing Nosara Foundation, to improve the quality of education for students attending school right here in their headquartered hometown of Nosara.

When the founders of Pack for a Purpose first recognized that most travelers actually do not use all of their luggage allowance, a unique opportunity to make a difference in the education of children was seeded in their minds. They knew that by asking travelers to pack 5 pounds of supplies for a trip, born was the opportunity for travelers to both give and make a difference. By delivering the supplies directly from a traveler’s accommodations, it would be possible for every traveler to contribute and require no logistical support. Also, asking for such an amount would take only a small space, require little effort and still make a big impact. In essence, an important assignment was born, thus their mission: To positively impact communities around the world by assisting travelers who want to take meaningful contributions to the destinations they visit.

Marsi and Tim immediately fell in love with the organization and thought these words describe so well the heart behind Safari Surf and their guests. They saw it as an incredible opportunity to give back to the community in which they are operating, while helping the local kids who are a part of less-fortunate families.

Who Does This Benefit?

The beneficiary of our support is the Serapio Lopez Elementary School. With a capacity of 300 children between the ages of five and eleven years of age, they study and play out most of their days here. Of course, as Costa Rican schools set kids on the right path for their future, teachers must concentrate on English fluency, which we understand as vital for job seekers. Marsi and Tim recognize that one of the best ways for the kids to get a head start is through the availability of English books. Therefore, their goal is to establish a library of English books for the students at each of the local schools, both fostering and accelerating their education.

How Can I Help?

There are a variety of ways in which you can contribute to the success of children in Nosara. One of the easiest starting points involves the simple utilization of leftover room in your suitcase! Before heading down to Safari Surf School, throw in some supplies or gently-used children’s books in English. Check out sales on school supplies at stores or dollar-saver retail outlets in your area. These are just a few of the simple things that you can just grab and pack before your departure. Whatever value you bring, just know that owners Marsi and Tim will be most appreciative of your efforts. Upon arrival at Safari Surf School, simply drop off your donations to Jeffrey, our manager.

They proud to point out that already, hundreds of guests have participated in the program. At the end of the day, it’s all about the kids. In fact, when donation are large enough, these two and their staff can organize a delivery time, so any and all guests can participate and observe the joy of receiving on these kids’ faces!

We’ve included an extensive list of items to look out for when packing. Thank you for taking the time to make Costa Rica a better place. Pura Vida awaits!


General School Supplies:
Book Bags, Chalk, Colored Construction Paper, Colored Pencils, Crayons, Erasers, Glue Sticks, Handheld Pencil Sharpeners, Markers, Pencils, Pencil Cases/Bags, and Pens

Reference Materials:
(English) Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Flash Cards:
(English) Alphabet, Math, and Word

Wall Charts:
(English) Language and World Maps

Text/Reading Books:
(English) Age Appropriate Story Books, Language/Grammar, and Math

Art Supplies:
Watercolor Paints and Brushes

Sports/Outdoor Activity:
Inflation Pumps, Jump Ropes, Soccer Balls, and Team Uniforms/Knits for Soccer

First Aid/Health:
Antibiotic Ointment and Band-Aids