Safari Surf is now the premier surf school and camp in Costa Rica, but it was no easy task... this is our story.

Owning and running a surf school in Costa Rica or Nicaragua had never been a lifelong dream of either Tyler or I. It just kind of fell into our laps so to speak. Growing up on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, we had long hoped to establish ourselves in a peaceful, tropical environment, where we could share our love for surfing with each other and our families.

Together, we have surfed around the world in places such as Australia, Bali, Baja, Maldives, Mentawai Islands, California, Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico, Tahiti, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, and Jamaica, but it wasn’t until we bought land in Costa Rica in 1995, that we were able to fulfill the pursuit of our dream… to live in an area with uncrowded surf and a peaceful lifestyle. Unfortunately for myself I tried to retire before I had made any money… reality hit me that I would need to return home to the states and prepare for fatherhood and get a job! Tyler, with no ties and truly in paradise decided to make Costa Rica his permanent address. After getting to know our surroundings and realizing that it was an ideal atmosphere for the establishment of a surf school, we decided to act upon our idea and bring people to the most beautiful place in the world to share our passion for surfing.

Our background in surfing and in the area, combine to help us create ideal vacations and learning experiences for our clients. Surfing has become commercialized in the last decade, and we thought it would be refreshing to instill the true essence of surfing for newcomers, or revitalize the energies of the occasional surfer with the creation of Safari Surf School.

People come to Safari Surf to immerse themselves in culture…not just the Costa Rican culture but more importantly the “Surf Culture”! Nosara really is an amazing blend of surf culture and native Costa Rica culture. I can say with certainly that there isn’t a better place in the world to experience this cool phenomenon!

Our approach to teaching others to surf is simple: patience and a sense of humor mixed with a vast knowledge of ocean environment. We truly enjoy what we are doing and it shows. Come with an open mind and an open heart, and we will guarantee you, you will not only learn to surf and understand the ocean but your entire outlook on life may change as well.

So come join us here at Safari Surf School and enlighten yourself physically and mentally!