The Inside Peak – End of January

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Surfers and Weather

If you’ve read any of my blogs you can’t miss the many references to weather and it’s effects on waves, wind, and well….the weather. Surfers are the consummate arm-chair meteorologists. We speak in terms of  low pressure systems, buoy readings, wave periods, latitude and longitude, wind direction. It’s all part of it. Surfing can expose you to many cool things: travel, culture, photography, yoga, fitness, meteorology!

Herbie Fletcher once said, “surfing’s a trip, better pack your bags.”

So back to meteorology. The offshore winds have been honking down here for almost two weeks running. This phenomena is explained by the non-stop cold fronts plunging south from the northern hemisphere, resulting in a ‘Polar Vortex’ that  pushes the subtropical jetstream deep into the Caribbean, creating pressure inversions, and hence these winds.

You may have seen the news about giant swells hitting Hawaii, and now California. These big storm swell events up north can and do send swell our way. Generally they are not as big and strong as the Southern Hemi swells, but due to swell direction the north swell energy can get into little nooks and crannies and light them up. I surf a spot I call “Riddles” because the waves peak up all over the place and can confuse you, especially the newbies. A little north in the swell pulls the take off spot further up the point and the waves can be perfect little  southbound runners. It did this yesterday. Looking for mire today!

Smooth Mile on a southbound runner

My sweetheart Emily connects one down the beach.

More Swell Getting In Today!

MEANWHILE AT MAVERICKS (just south of San  Francisco):

I talk weekly with my dear Dad who has been on the planet for 93 years and lives in Florida. He’s had a storied career in the Air Force and  was the meteorologist navigator aboard B-24 bombers in World War 2, and relied on a sextant and a slide rule to get his crew there and back time and again.  After the war the Air Force sent him to M.I.T. where he earned his masters degree in meteorology and worked in many  capacities , including  being one of the original Hurricane Hunters flying modified B-29s out of Bermuda.

So you see I had a head start with this meteorology habit. And  man does he love the beach, ocean, bodysurfing, sandy shoes. The man is pure Salt and Light!
My Dad Colonel Bill Lewis (Ret.) – still bodysurfing at 93

Olas Verde Update

Our new sustainable “surf resort” project is set to break ground very soon. There have been ground clearing crews hard at work all week, and our excitement builds as we anticipate the creation of this state of the art project. The design and construction team of Loria/Guanacaste Builders is one of oldest and best in all of Guanacaste – you’ll  see! The buildings have been designed and placed to minimize tree removal as much as possible–we are removing small Jobo trees, palms and some shrubbery, but the large Guanacastes and Pachotes have been saved to retain their beauty and shade qualities for generations to come!

We plan to take daily photos of the  project following the progress, lets call it “Countdown to Olas Verdes”.

Old World Tree Cutting Techniques!


Nosara Fiestas

It’s that time of year again! Nosara’s legendary Fiesta takes place from Tues-Mon this week with rodeo events, horse shows, mystery food stands, lots of alcohol, and live music and dancing into the wee hours (3am nightly). Every town in Costa Rica has a fiesta, which is essentially a celebration of cowboy culture. A favorite attraction is always watching blind drunk campesinos jump into the bull ring in a mini ‘running of the bulls’ show of foolish bravado. It’s wild, raucous and rootsy fun, worth a check.
The Tope is my favorite part of Fiesta week. Best described as a ‘horse pageant’, the Tope brings  together dedicated horse lovers of all descriptions for a kind of macho “show and tell’ of their horses’ skill and derring- do. Its full of passion, fueled by ego and alcohol, and not to miss!

Without a doubt, Guanacaste’s greatest (animal) hero is a bull named Malacrianza.
Translated to ‘Bad Manners’ or ‘Bad Ass’, Mal has enjoyed a long, storied rodeo career throughout Costa Rica. Riders greatly feared this cantankerous creature who dominated the rodeo scene for over two decades. He is known to have killed several vaqueros over the years, giving him the moniker “El Toro Asesino” (The bull Assassin). I’m glad (relieved) to report that Malacrianza is now ‘out to pasture’ and enjoying his retirement and legend status in a finca (ranch) very close to Nosara. We see him all the time, pretty cool link to the soul and history of this place.

If you want a great laugh you have got to watch this:

Excellent article on The Legend of Malacrianza:

Thanks for Coming

Every week we have the marvelous pleasure of welcoming new and returning “students” to our little world down here. These lovely folks, men and women, kids and families of all ages make up the soulful atmosphere that is Safari. Thanks for coming guys and see you next year!
Laura and Emma Guitar (cool name or what!) – Multi-year Safari Alumni from Florida
Erin and Valerie escaping a COLD Canadian winter

Scott and Kate from Toronto
Brian and Jamie,  educators from Chicago (on both ends)
Jessie Witherspoon from Boston (middle) – another cool name!
Pio, Chad and Sarah (from Atlanta) – the grandparents are watching their two boys!
Alumni Ben and Ellie from Toronto
The word for ‘smile’ here is sonrisa… There’s a beautiful metaphor there.

Until next week, Salud!


The Inside Peak – Mid January Update

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Chamber of Commerce Weather

If Nosara had a chamber of commerce they would no doubt be beaming at the amazingly dependable weather and beach conditions we enjoy during our verano (summer) season.

Every day seems to be a repeat of the previous one with sunny skies, steady offshore breezes, spectacular water clarity, and absolutely perfect sparkly little waves peeling off up and down the beach. You can set your watch by it, year after year, when the states and Europe are freezing their knickers off……we are wallowing in a surfy tropical fantasy land. Sounds like a good time to come for a visit, no?

I would wager that the majority of property sales here go down in this same time period (Dec-April). How many people get the urge to chuck it all, the job, mortgage, school, girlfriend, you name it… to become full-time Nosara surf bums? The summer season is so seductive. It is paradise, no doubt about it. A vacation in paradise does the trick every time, but be careful, it can rearrange your cosmos!

My wife and I have lived here for 5 years. At 58 years old we sold everything we had and moved to Nosara. What were we thinking?  For me, my beach love-affair started long ago, way back in the 50’s and 60’s on the Jersey shore. My people were all beach people, dyed-in-the-wool sand-in-your-shoes by the silvery sands beach people. I have them to thank. And you know I’ve never looked back, I’ve continued surfing non-stop and here we are!

Ocean City NJ 1968, that’s me on the far right.

Offshore Winds

Woke up this morning to howling gusty winds, blowing hot and dry off the land. To a surfer offshore winds are Nirvana, shaping and grooming each wave into a moving cylindrical race track. But this morning the Nosara Chamber of Commerce is concerned – it is too windy! Generally related to Northern Hemisphere cold fronts diving south, the Jet Stream penetrates deep down into the Caribbean basin, creating the mechanics that result in these seasonal winds (think Santa Ana’s). Known here as the “Papagayos” or “Guanacastes” these conditions occur from Dec-April, our dry season. These wind events usually last up to three days and then moderate. Today our morning surf lesson schedule was cancelled due to these dangerous winds, but in the afternoon things calmed down enough to produce beautiful glassy blue-green peelers.

Morning gusts up to 45 knots – too windy to surf

Mid day conditions looking up!

Afternoon session: fast, clean, & fun!

Great Beach Walks #1

Nosara is a very scenic place. Our coastline has vast diversity; white, pink, and black sand beaches, lava reef, and white coral all within a 15 mile span.

Beach walks can be revealing and inspirational. Walk #1 starts on Playa Guiones and ends at Playa Pelada:

On Playa Guiones head north toward the point

Look for the path across the headland.

Playa Pelada – Enchanting!

At far north end of Pelada looking south

Ancient Civilizations?

Beach Walk #1 Details

  • Distance: approx. 3 miles round trip
  • Time: approx 1.5-2.0 hrs
  • Attractions: tide pools, lava reef, blow hole
  • Restaurants: La Luna, Olga’s
  • Bring: camera, water, suncreen

Safari Class of January 15, 2014

We are stoked to welcome our new “students” this week. Bienvenidos to Gordon, Jake & Cara, and the lovely Stafford family. It’s great fun to to watch this “dynamic” come to life – folks of all ages, backgrounds, and diversities come together to form this lovely unique group. Lifetime friendships are forged, matches made, and extended families spawned, it is truly a very cool phenomenon!

Gordon Fontane (safari alumni) from Boston – a real live dog trainer!(Check his website:

Jake and Cara from New York – Personal “CrossFit” Trainers!

Olivia, Katelyn, Emily

Interviewing the dynamic Stafford girls!

Safari Surf School Class of Jan 15, 2014

Extended Family!

On Vacation!

Thanks for reading! See you guys next time on The Inside Peak!

Pura vida,


The Inside Peak – Holiday Wrap Up

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Welcome to The Inside Peak in 2014!

The Christmas holidays in Nosara was in full swing this year, the town was packed with happy families, yoga devotees, soul surfers, and party animals. Hotels and restaurants were full, rental cars, ATV’s and bicycles were all taken, and the areas many popular tours were booked to capacity. As hectic as this sounds, it never seems to feel over crowded here. Maybe it’s the jungle that surrounds you giving the feeling of peace and solitude. The beach at Guiones can accommodate heaps of people and the learning conditions were ideal with numerous wave zones groomed by offshore winds. The waves this time of year have been described as soft and friendly. The Southern Hemisphere seas are quiet now, giving way to background swells from the west and northwest, resulting in fun waist to chest high rollers. The peak experience for any beginning surfer is to catch and ride a ‘green wave’. This is the unbroken wave caught outside the white water zone. As the swell nears it reacts to the shallow sandbar and crests and breaks. This is the pure essence of surfing which is accessible to students. Once back on the beach they describe the experiencing of riding a green wave to the beach in mystical terms: “surreal”, “amazing”, “cosmic”, “dreamlike”. This vibe spreads throughout the town as everyone is surf stoked to da max!


The Mythical Green Wave


Shiva Rea Surfing

Speaking of mystical, wildly popular Yoga Diva Shiva Rea brings her Surf, Yoga, Soul retreats to Nosara over the Christmas holidays in two one week sessions. Based at The Blue Spirit Yoga Resort on the point just south of Guiones, these retreats have been sold out well in advance for many years running. Shiva is good friends with Safari owners Tim and Tyler Marsh, and each year she brings her students to Safari for “surf immersion” (lessons!)


Yoga Superstar Shiva Rea

Safari Surf welcomed many wonderful guests over the holidays, and it is a true pleasure to observe the subtle transformation everyone goes through during a week of great food, fellowship, and surf immersion: skin turns a healthy tan, hair turns blonde, folks conquer their fears, muscles toned, and all exude an inner peace and health. This applies to boys, girls, men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, kids. If you’ve ever wanted to experience surfing and its essence, don’t hold back; make your 2014 New years Resolution to come to Safari Surf!

Thanks to all who brightened our days over the holidays.
The following picture gallery tells the tale!

Pura vida,


The Inside Peak – New Season & New Headquarters

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Hi Everybody – Welcome to our new edition of the Inside Peak! We wanted to capture more of the life and color of our guest’s Nosara experiences, so I will be submitting a monthly synopsis of Safari – Everything Surf! – yours truly, Peter Lewis.

First Month in New Headquarters - The Inside Peak - Safari Surf School

Summer Arrives

Blue Skies, brilliant sunshine, and offshore winds appear to have ushered in an early summer season. Even though we are located 9 degrees North of the equator, our dry season here (Dec-April) is referred to as “summer”, and the rainy season (May-Nov) “winter”. The dry season also corresponds with what I refer to as the” International High Season” – where snowbirds escape the cold climes to find warm playgrounds! Here in Nosara we must endure ‘Septober’, our two rainiest months where everything shuts down and all there is to do is read and sleep. November can go either way weather wise, last November was a washout, I’ll take an early summer any day! All around town merchants are painting, renovating, landscaping, and spiffing up for the upcoming season. This year we are seeing a lot of construction everywhere. There are also at least three new tour companies stocked with ATVs, bicycles, and transport vans. The roads were horrendous after the rainy season but heavy equipment moved in and cleaned everything up. However the hot, dry, and windy weather, produce an unwelcome byproduct: polvo or dust. Driving becomes more difficult as visibility is compromised, especially after the big delivery trucks storm by. With lots of motorcycles, ATVs , bicycles, and pedestrians on the roads, everyone covers up with scarves, respirator masks, goggles, and all sorts of innovations (banana leaves, etc.!). The beaches provide sanctuary from the dust storm and is the place to be.

Prado and Helberth

Pura vida from Prado and Helberth

As we move into our summer months clear skies, blazing sun, and inviting blue ocean beacon. As the Northern Nemisphere winter takes hold, our weather becomes dreamy. Every day is a carbon copy of the one before. The waves this time of year settle down and offer lovely conditions for surf school attendees. Playa Guiones is an immense white sand beach where the inclination of the ocean floor is very gradual, allowing for a safe and comfortable entry into the wave zone. Waves here tend to regenerate into new waves after they break on the outside, creating numerous fun zones for beginners. This is one of the friendliest surf locales on the planet. With lots of room to move enthusiasts can always find an empty peak down the beach. With all the best local surfers employed as surf instructors, we have very little “localism” in the water and the spirit of Pura Vida and Aloha prevail!

Donavon’s Return

Safari’s new season opened early and with a bang as we hosted Billabong Pro and wildly popular singer/songwriter Donavon Frankenreiter to Nosara for surfing fun and a big concert at the well known ‘Tropicana’ discotheque. Due to Donavon’s busy schedule he could only come down for a few days in the first week of November which was before the season takes off, but in spite of this the concert pulled in 350 stoked revelers and was a memorable event. Safari is aligned with global surf brand Billabong, which operates and endorses surf schools and camps around the world. Their ‘Surf with a Pro” camps are unique offerings. Staged at exotic locales with perfect surf and idyllic surroundings, a limited number of enthusiasts can book a week to surf and hang with their favorite pro. Only a few select surf camp operations are chosen to host these events. Safari is stoked and proud to have been selected twice to hold Donavon’s camps, and we look forward to more in the future.

Donavon and Peter

Jammin’ with the Pros

The New Safari

We open this season in a brand new location and with renewed focus and energy. For the past 12 years Safari Surf School operated out of the Casa Tucan, a little eight room hotel and restaurant on main street Guiones. The property was sold and Safari circled the wagons around a very special property fronting the maritime zone until we secured a house and five lots to be developed into an upscale sustainable new surf resort called Olas Verdes (Green Waves). Throughout the upcoming season we will welcome surf school guests and operate out of the “Safari House” while the new resort is being developed. The approach is much different than before, as we no longer have a public hotel/restaurant to contend with. It’s a more personal hands-on style of hospitality and service, as if we are entertaining company in our own home. Guests have a choice of several lodging options, the closest and most popular being Harmony and Harbor Reef. We meet daily at the Safari House for lessons, meals, and special events. Surf lessons are conducted a short walk down a wooded path, away from the main beach crowds. Our goal is to create an inviting surfy clubhouse atmosphere where guests can relax and unwind and meet new friends.

Check out the gallery of our new friends and facility so far this season!

Support the Nosara Wildlife Refuge and “Stop the shocks… after all, it’s a jungle out there.”

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The Nosara Wildlife Refuge is a worthy cause! They are not a zoo or a wild animal park. Visitors are welcome only with advance appointments and not in large masses. It is a place for rehabilitation; filled with hope that injured animals will one day be free again.

Brenda BombardI admire Brenda Bombard, the creator of the refuge, immensely for what she does. She has built a rescue program that is well known throughout the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica and beyond. She cares tirelessly for these animals, donating her time, resources and energies to repairing some of the damages that the impact of society has created. As a consequence of her work, she also has to face despairing situations on a regular basis. It takes great courage to deal with the grim and oftentimes fatal injuries that these animals have incurred.

The day that we visited the refuge, Brenda greeted us and walked us out to the broad area on her property where she has constructed giant containment areas for the animals. Many of the monkeys were running, swinging, and jumping around together to the delight of my kids. The Capuchin monkeys were the funniest. They would swing through the cage, land right next to us and make faces. It seemed as though everything they did was to entertain. In the trees above the property, an entire troop of Howler monkeys was playing in the wild. We were surrounded!

Nosara Wildlife Refuge - Howler MonkeyBefore we were introduced to the individual rescue animals, Brenda gave us a short bit of history on the reasons they usually end up there. The most prolific reason is shock by the uncovered electrical wires and transformers. The refuge is working constantly with ICE, the Costa Rica electrical company to have these wires safe guarded. They have made steady progress, but there is such a long way to go and the expenses for this are, unfortunately, not being covered by ICE in most cases. At one point, Brenda brought out a Howler who had been blinded by electrocution. My oldest daughter was allowed to hold the monkey in its baby blanket and we were all able to give it a little love. This monkey, unfortunately, cannot rejoin the wild, so, it will remain at the refuge.

Other animals were at the refuge due to misguided people taking them in as pets. In one case, Brenda was called to remove a Capuchin monkey from a house that it had basically taken over. The owners of the home had found the monkey as a baby and decided to keep it. They raised it in their home as you would a dog or cat, only to discover that the “wild” was not out of the monkey. When it got older and reached adolescence it became destructive, mischievous and, at times, violent. By the time Brenda was called, the monkey was inside the house while the owners were outside, too afraid to enter. There are television shows and reports that have depicted these monkeys as well as other types to be villains because of their attacks on humans, but, how can we expect docile domestic behavior from animals that are wild? It is no different than expecting a Grizzly bear to cuddle in bed with your child at night rather than a teddy bear.

Then, of course, there are the dogs. Anyone who has visited Costa Rica knows that there is a problem with domestic animals being allowed to roam freely. The dogs have an innate desire to catch the monkeys and when they do, it is not a fair fight. If a young monkey falls from a tree and becomes prey to a large dog, its chances of survival are grim. Luckily, the refuge has managed to save a few of these monkeys which they will likely be able to return to the wild. At the same time, they work with the local vets to spay and neuter stray animals and encourage leashes.

Nosara Wildlife Refuge

These are just a few of the reasons for animals finding themselves in the safe haven of Nosara Wildlife Refuge. Due to its incredible reputation, the refuge finds itself with more and more animals every day. This, despite their ongoing efforts to educate the community.

Nosara Wildlife Refuge - Isomil Baby Howler MonkeyCurrently, Brenda is caring for many babies which increases the difficulty of the job tenfold. The babies need Isomil baby formula, dried goat’s milk, and constant care. They do the best that they can but without help from outside donations, they could not possibly afford to treat these animals.

If you have visited Nosara, you have undoubtedly spent some time admiring the Howler’s in the trees. If you have not visited Nosara, it will definitely be something you will want to see and that you won’t forget. It is much better to see them in the trees than in a recovery unit. My children learned that from our visit to the refuge and we all gained an impactful education that will stay with us forever.

Please consider making a contribution to the Refuge. Anything that any of us can do to help, no matter how small, is a benefit to this deserving facility. They have a website with a means for monetary donations and a wish list. If you are traveling to Nosara in the near future, Safari Surf will be happy to make arrangements for you to visit Nosara Wildlife Refuge in person and deliver any items that you have to donate. We will also arrange for items to be sent to Nosara if you would like to mail them to our US address.
Support the Nosara Wildlife Refuge
Donations will help the refuge acquire an ultrasound machine as well as a temperature control infant incubator, which will help with the many burned monkeys they receive.

Safari Surf School’s Week with Donavon Frankenreiter

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Last week was Billabong’s Surf With a Pro with none other than the legendary surfer and musician, Donavon Frankenreiter! We had an awesome time sharing the pura vida vibes of Nosara and Playa Guiones with Donavon, Billabong crew and the lucky SWAP winners! Donavon and Grundy’s topped the week off with an epic show at the Tropicana in front of a jam packed crowd! Scroll down to see some snapshots of the stoke-filled week:

Safari Surf School's Week with Donavon Frankenreiter

Donavon and Surf with a Pro winners on their way to Mala Noche waterfalls.

Donavon Frankenreiter - Safari Surf School

Mala Noche waterfalls. Photo by Donavon Frankenreiter via Instagram.

Donavon Frankenreiter - Safari Surf School

Safari Surf’s Sustainability Director, Carl Kish, stoked to take a break from work and jump off some cliffs.

Donavon Frankenreiter - Safari Surf School

SSS Owner, Tim Marsh, and headliner, Pierre Monney before the show.

Donavon Frankenreiter - Safari Surf School

Double Trouble. Brothers Tim and Tyler Marsh.

Donavon Frankenreiter - Safari Surf School

Billabong Camps Manger, Josh and Billabong Photographer, Troy.

Donavon Frankenreiter - Safari Surf School

Peter from Safari Surf School was invited up on stage to jam on the harmonica with Donavon and Grundy’s! It was all time!

Donavon Frankenreiter - Safari Surf School

The man of the hour–Donavon! Photo by Ariana Crespo from La Voz de Guanacaste.

Safari Surf School Getting Ready for the New Season!

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We have been rallying the troops over here in Playa Guiones to get ready for the new season and a new Safari Surf School! As most of you all know, our last season at the Hotel Casa Tucan ended in August and we have moved on to a more sustainable future with our new LEED surf resort – Olas Verdes, which will begin construction in the next couple weeks! While Olas Verdes is being built, Safari Surf School and Women’s Surf Adventures will be based out of our large house that sits on the developed part of the Olas Verdes property. It’s a beautiful home that has everything we need… we just wanted to make it our own so it really exemplifies the pura vida vibe we’ve come to know and love! See the beginning stages of prepping the new Safari Surf HQ last week:

Safari Surf School - Getting Ready for the New Season

Who knew cleaning could be so fun?!

Safari Surf School - Getting Ready for the New Season

Our “board room” while the real surfboard shack is being built!

Safari Surf School - Getting Ready for the New Season

Rigo getting the speakers ready for some pura vida nights!

Donavon Frankenreiter is Returning to Nosara With Safari Surf School

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Singer-songwriter and pro-surfer Donavon Frankenreiter is returning to Nosara in November after a two year absence and will be performing a concert Nov. 8 at the Tropicana.

Frankenreiter will be in the local waters as part of the “Surf With a Pro” program sponsored by Billabong at the affiliated Safari Surf School. He and his musical partner Matt Grundy will offer an acoustic show featuring some songs from his latest CD, Start Livin’.

Peter Lewis, programs coordinator with Safari Surf School who is handling logistics for the local show, said “We are stoked that this is the second time they have chosen Nosara to bring down Donovan and his camp. I think Billabong likes what they see in Nosara, because it’s diverse and family oriented. His music is optimistic, and he has some kind of magical aura. It’s a very high energy show that people get caught up in. He brings people together.”

To add an extra dimension to the show, VJ and professional photographer Ray Moss will be presenting his signature TransceVisuals, a real-time liquid-themed computerized image show, which will be projected from behind the stage onto a screen. Moss said, “I’m looking forward to showing some underwater video imagery that I took from a trip to the Caribbean, as well as some liquid-themed imagery filmed at Guiones, including some video of Donavan surfing.”

Frankenreiter’s sponsorship as a ‘free surfer’ by Billabong allows him to surf while no longer competing in tournaments. Now 39 and based in Hawaii with his wife and two sons, his concert/surf tours have recently taken him to Australia and the U.S. East Coast.

Surfing the waters of San Clemente, California as a teenager, Donavan began his musical career at 17 and quickly developed a passion for it that equaled his love of surfing. In the mid ’90s, he joined Sunchild, a five-piece “good time rock and roll” band, which gained acclaim in Southern California for its laid back style, reminiscent of the late ’60s and early ’70s LA sound. During its time, Sunchild opened for The Doobie Brothers, Willie Nelson, Ben Harper, Social Distortion and The Descendants, and joined the Vans Warped Tour.

Frankenreiter released the first of a series of solo discs in 2002. According to his website, “Spurred by the coupling of his desire to say something original along with a new found musical maturity, Donavon boldly rode the wave into the world of the acoustic singer/songwriter.”

Local musician ‘Jungle Joe’ Davis will integrate the PA system with the Tropicana’s house sound system to fill the venue with sound.

Tickets cost $20 in advance and $25 at the door, and are available in advance at the Frog Pad, Harbor Reef Hotel, Surfing Nosara, Organico Mini-Market, as well as directly from Peter Lewis at 8911-4593.

His signature folk-rock style tunes can be sampled or purchased at his website,

Source: Costa Rica Star

Article by: Voice of Guanacaste

Safari Surf Delivers Toothbrushes and Toothpaste to Local Schools

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We want to give a HUGE thank you shaka to Safari Surf guest Kris Maichle, who brought down toothbrushes & toothpaste for local Nosara schoolchildren as part of our Pack for a Purpose program. Check out some pictures of Kris and Safari Surf staff members, including owner Tyler Marsh handing out Kris’ donation at a local school!

Pura Vida!

image (3)
image (2)
image (1)