What about bugs?

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For being a semi-dry rainforest climate, this area of Costa Rica is not too bad with bugs. If you are from Southern California, it might be annoying, but for most people from other parts of the world, you are used to bugs during certain seasons. So, yes, there are bugs here. Mostly it is a problem for people during the transitions of seasons: from the wet to the dry season (November) or the dry to the wet season (April/May). Bring mosquito repellent with you if you are sensitive to bites, anytime you are coming. People also sometimes get bit by no-see-ums (usually around dusk/dawn around the full moons). The no-see-ums do not leave welts. If you need repellent (natural or with DEET) the local markets also sell it. Be sure to check shoes if not wearing flip-flops, scorpions do like dark places and they’ll bite you if you jam your foot into their hiding spot.

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