There are a lot of people in the world that enjoy surfing because one of the by-products is that it keeps them relatively fit.

Being in top physical condition is absolutely NOT a requirement to be able to surf and have fun doing it. We have taught people of all sizes and shapes: from age 4 up to age 77; people with phobias of the ocean or sharks; and even people who can’t swim. That is the beauty of surfing and our environment in Nosara, it is conducive to everyone!

Being in decent shape will certainly help anyone progress in any activity they participate in, and that is certainly the case for surfing.

That is why Safari Surf has teamed up with the leader and innovator of surf fitness – “Surf Stronger.” Surfing the cold and often daunting waves off Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California, lifelong surfers Scott Adams and Todd Walsh realized that better fitness equals better surfing. With that simple idea, the duo created Surf Stronger – The Surfer’s Workout, a first-of-its-kind video workout program for surfers. Drawing on research-based principles of exercise science and extensive surfing experience, Surf Stronger training offers easy-to-follow, challenging, and effective workouts that you can do anywhere. The Surf Stronger videos have received accolades from top surfing publications—including Surfer, Surfing, TransWorld Surf, Tracks—as well as surfers worldwide.


In 2011, The Surf Stronger crew, including pro surfer, Serena Brooke, crew put on a week-long surfing and wellness camp in Playa Nosara at the Safari Surf School. (We could perhaps link to this re-cap until video is ready? Plans are afoot for future camps!!!

The Surf Stronger workout programs offer the perfect off-season, or pre-surf trip training program. Videos are available on DVD and as digital downloads. Visit the Surf Stronger store today, to get your copy and get in the best surf shape ever!

Some other general items that one can do to get “prepared” for surfing:


Swimming – Just getting your cardio up a bit will help immensely and swimming is the low-impact way to go if you have access to a pool! I’d recommend doing freestyle stroke, breast stroke, and back stroke, and if you can manage the butterfly stroke, by all means do it!
Biking – Another low-impact cardio booster which can be done in the gym or on the road.
Jump Rope – Not much needed other than a small space and a rope!
Jogging – A bit more impact on the body, but certainly a good way to bring cardio up.

Balance / Core

Yoga – One of the best ways to center your body and build flexibility.
Pilates – Working on your core is always a great idea!
Indo Board – This routine will push your limits of balance and core combined!