Brian Eng – New York, NY

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I cannot say enough about your instructors and crew. Thanks for an amazing visit(s) to Guiones! In total, I’ve taken 29 lessons with you all, so I feel like an old-timer already. I am already trying to move things around so that I can come back in early June with Nikki!

Moreover, hopefully I can help contribute to your ongoing success. I know Nikki (whom I convinced to join me originally) is already coming back; my friend Drew Rawls took some private lessons and is planning on returning; Drew’s friends Elisa and Julie have been down here this week on the strength of our recommendations; and I’m about to refer 2 other friends to Safari!

Your instructors are the best I’ve had, and I cannot thank them enough for teaching me so much and being so patient and fun-loving. I hope to be back soon!

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