Christine Meyer – San Diego, CA

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This trip started off as just a getaway from my stressful life and I was planning it to be a girls’ trip. Well, I couldn’t find anyone to go with me at the last minute so with the encouragement of my friends and Tim, one of the owners, I decided to trek to Costa Rica on my own. He assured me that there were lots of solo travelers and that unless I was a social outcast, I would be fine. He was so right. I met amazing people and had such experiences that are making me question my lifestyle and the choices I make for myself here at home. If this is your first solo trip, this is a good place to go. When I finally arrived, I was a bit intimidated at the remote location and lack of “concierge” (I didn’t stay at Casa Tucan) and didn’t know what to do. However, I quickly reviewed my emails with Tim and proceeded to Casa Tucan to “check-in”. Everyone was so helpful and instructed me to go to the beach to meet up with the surf instructors. Later that night, Nico gave me all my yoga and massage passes and went into detail of what to expect. Wary of the situation I had placed myself in, I quickly acclimated to the laid back, casual style and simply checked the whiteboard several times a day. My only “stresses” were whether I had applied enough sunscreen and to not miss 6:30 dinner. All the instructors are great and they’ll get you out surfing the “green” waves in no time! The instructors are more than instructors, they answer all your questions about attractions, rentals, food, etc, they even took our dinner and beverage orders some nights and one even taught me to drive an ATV (you must rent one, so much fun). Talk about talented! Lucy makes the best mojitos, pina coladas (ask for it in a pineapple) and rum punch EVER. The food at Casa Tucan was consistently good. Peter organizes the tours and activities (highly recommend the ziplining, kayaking, yoga and pilates) and makes sure it runs smoothly. Everyone is helpful and genuinely friendly. The caring attitude of the staff and the incredibly sincere and interesting people I met, made this trip one I will never forget. This trip is somewhat physically demanding so I recommend staying longer than planned and taking a day of rest! Running, surfing, yoga, more surfing day after day takes a toll on your body! However, it was so rejuvenating and inspiring to be challenged physically while being immersed in the beauty and beat of Nosara that I am already scheduling my return!

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