We are stoked to have the Tim Marsh Family here for their annual summer vacation!
Tim, Marsi, and Tyler Marsh own and operate Safari Surf. Tim and Marsi live in Southern California and operate the corporate offices, and Tyler lives in Nosara and oversees the surf school operation. I have grown very close to them and especially love the kids. This week I will introduce the kiddos to you and next week’s blog will feature interviews with Tim and Marsi. The Marshes are a very tight-knit unit. They always seem to be together and one easily gets the sense that they adore each other. They love people, animals, and the ocean. I marveled at the five of them in the pool together tossing a football and having so much fun. Camille, at 15 doesn’t strike me as being the stereotypical moody angst-ridden teenager. She is quiet, sensitive, and intelligent, and she sings in a voice as smooth as honey. Zane and Liana are 10 year old twins. They are smart, clever, and fun loving grommets and they are an ambitious lot, always scheming up some new creative endeavor. The Marshes have traveled together as a family since the kids were toddlers and they all have that beautiful bushy-bushy blonde hair for life!

The Twins

Zane and Liana Marsh were born within one minute of each other, Zane 1st, and then Liana. There has been a lot written about twins; they are unique and special.I have had the pleasure of knowing these two for four years or so and it is so great to see them every summer. I love to hang out with them individually or together, we always have a blast. I know without a doubt that these kids are going somewhere. They may figure largely into future incarnations of Safari Surf, or maybe not. But they will always be an integral part of Safari’s soul and spirit. I thought it would be fun to ask them some questions and see what’s on their agendas.


PL:                   Hey Welcome back Zane-Brain, howz it going?
Zane:              Solo Bueno, that means really good right?
PL:                   Yes and it shows because you always have a huge smile on your face.
Zane:              (Smiling) Yeah I like it here.
PL:                  Cool beans. You get to come every year and see your cousins, go surfing, dig for clams, play at the waterfall, and visit the monkeys. How long have you been coming down to Nosara?
Zane:             I think for like 7 years, since we were babies.
PL:                  When did you 1st go surfing?
Zane:             I was three and my dad took me out on a soft board.
PL:                  You got pretty good! Do you like big waves?
Zane:             Yeah I do, but not too big. The biggest I surfed was three feet over my head.
PL:                  Dude, I’ve seen some pictures of you on some mackers!



Zane – Starting Early                                                                            Tough questions for Zane-o
PL:                  What’s your favorite subject in school?
Zane:             Math
PL:                  What do you want to be when you grow up?
Zane:             I want to be a soccer star/surfer/artist combination.
PL:                  Wow now that’s original! I can see why you like it here!
Zane:             Here everyone loves soccer.
PL:                  Favorite food?
Zane:             In the US its ravioli, here its ceviche.
PL:                  Music?
Zane:             Classic Rock. My favorite group is Queen.
PL:                  OK now I see where the artist comes from!


Liana with cousin Maddox

PL:                  Nickernutt! It’s so great to see you! Watcha been doing?
Liana:            I have been over at Uncle Tyler’s playing with my cousins.
PL:                  That’s so cool, they just love you!
Liana:            I know, I’m hoping to be their babysitter.
PL:                  So last year you told me you were going to be a surgeon one day.
Liana:            Well I changed my mind! I now want to be a forensic scientist or personal chef.
PL:                  Wow! You still love writing I hope.
Liana:            Oh Yeah, still do. I love writing stories and making up characters.
PL:                  Still surfing?
Liana:            Always! I love the warm water here.
PL:                  What are your favorite foods?
Liana:            Back home: artichoke. Here: mangoes
PL:                  Favorite Music and Band?
Liana:            Alternative; One Republic. I love to sing too. I even recorded a song!
PL:                  Interesting. Hey do you know  Zane’s favorite group?
Liana:            Queen, he’s a Queen freak!
PL:                  Hey let’s write a story together for the blog

Liana:            OK Cool
Tandem with Helberth


              Liana making a record!


I am getting to know Camille better and had the distinct pleasure of hearing her perform during the brunch at Harbor Reef Lodge. Her singing is amazing, “a sound blend of Jewel and Natalie Merchant” I said – but I don’t think she know their music. No matter – at 15 this kid is poised for greatness. She is focused and disciplined and has a beautiful lilting voice.


     Camille – Oozing with Style!                             Smooth   Surfin’                        Performing in Nosara
PL:                  (During Break) Wow Camille, that was amazing!
Camille:         Thanks for coming!
PL:                  When did you discover you were “musical?”
Camille:         I sang in my 3rd grade talent show and liked it.
PL:                  What instruments do you play?
Camille:         Guitar, piano, trumpet, ukulele, drums. I’m learning the banjo now.
PL:                  Do you write your own songs?
Camille:         I have written 5 so far. I know more will come.
PL:                  What about school?
Camille:         I like school and want to go to college.
PL:                  Where have you performed?
Camille:         I play at the wineries around here (Temecula, CA) and go to open-mic nights              where I can find them.
PL:                  So what’s ahead for you?
Camille:         I want to be a singer or a teacher.

PL:                  Keep singing Camille, the world will be better for it!
Karaoke duet with Sister Liana
Nosara summer vacation – the early years
Summer 2014 at Safari House (with Zane hamming!)

Next week I’ll be interviewing Señor y Señorita Marsh!
Pura vida!