When you visit Safari Surf School, one thing you'll learn about us immediately, is that we're a sustainability driven business that enjoys bringing two different cultures together for one amazing experience full of new friendships and a lifetime of memories for our guests.

Safari Surf School has been sharing its “stoke” and passion for surfing for over 13 years and is still going strong! You will obviously be thrust into the Latin “culture” and introduced to the incredible spirit and vibe that is “Pura Vida”…which translates to “Pure Life”. There is a reason that Costa Rica was voted one of the “Happiest” countries in the world and it is very evident when you meet and greet the local people. Our town of Nosara embodies all of what makes Costa Rica the most desirable place to visit on vacation. It’s like a journey back in time…where people wave at you as you pass by and greet you with a smile, always willing to help, where old cultural ways integrate seamlessly with the new “wave” of today’s younger generation. We have no paved roads, no street lights, monkeys still cruising in the trees in Nosara…but we do have the creature comforts we all have come to enjoy like WiFi connection, ATM access, A/C, Cable TV, shopping, etc.


The “other” culture that you will be immersed in while visiting us is the “Surf Culture”. This culture is really a mindset, a lifestyle and you will be living and breathing it the entire time you are with us in Nosara. What makes Nosara and Safari Surf so attractive to people is that everything we do revolves around the art and passion that is wave riding! Our instructors are all very accomplished surfers with years of experience and training. They enjoy meeting new friends and making lasting friendships with all who come through our “doors”. Each instructor is extremely well trained and educated in the art of teaching surfing, safety, lifeguard skills and first aid / first response. From Olas Verdes Resort to our surf program, Safari Surf employs 99% all local people who live and have families in Nosara. We strive for a sustainable existence in the community that we live in by educating, employing, and giving back to the local people in our community.


Our History


Owning and running a surf school in Costa Rica had never been a lifelong dream. It just kind of fell into my lap, so to speak. Growing up on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, I had long hoped to place roots in a peaceful, tropical environment, where I could share my love for surfing with my family and the community.

I have surfed around the world in places such as Australia, Bali, Baja, Maldives, Mentawai Islands, California, Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico, Tahiti, Panama, El Salvador, and Jamaica, but it wasn’t until I bought land in Costa Rica in 1995, that I was able to fulfill the pursuit of my dream… to live in an area with uncrowded surf and a peaceful lifestyle.

Safari Surf’s long history in the area and our deep understanding of surfing mechanics and culture combine to help us create ideal vacations and learning experiences for our clients. Surfing has become commercialized in the last decade, and we thought it would be refreshing to instill the true essence of surfing for newcomers, or revitalize the energies of the occasional surfer with the creation of Safari Surf School.

People come to Safari Surf to immerse themselves in culture…not just the Costa Rican culture but more importantly the “Surf Culture”! Nosara is an amazing blend of surf culture and native Costa Rica culture. I can say with certainly that there isn’t a better place in the world to experience this cool phenomenon!

Our approach to teaching others to surf is simple: patience and a sense of humor mixed with a vast knowledge of ocean environment. Our instructors truly enjoy what they are doing and it shows. Come with an open mind and an open heart, and I will guarantee you, you will not only learn to surf and understand the ocean but your entire outlook on life may change as well.

So come join us here at Safari Surf School and enlighten yourself physically and mentally!

Tim Marsh
Owner – Safari Surf