Why Safari Surf ?

  • Local Costa Rican ISA Level 1 or 2 surf coaches / all certified lifeguards
  • All inclusive, customizable packages to suite your ideal surf vacation
  • Video surf coach analysis app / program to breakdown your surf performance
  • Immersion into the local Tico culture with our staff and instructors
  • Dinners hosted by our local staff at different restaurants in and around town
  • An authentic, unique vacation
  • Solid sustainable business philosophy
  • Volunteer opportunities with our local community
  • Top end surf equipment brands from Firewire to Walden Surfboards

Costa Rica Camp

Long established as the perfect surfing destination, Nosara features the best waves for both beginners and advanced surfers.


Nicaragua Camp

Surf with us in the warm water, offshore winds, and sunshine year round, surrounded by pristine nature in Las Salinas.


Safari Surf Adventures

Take your intermediate surf skills to the next level with Safari Surf Adventures global surf program.

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Summer Sale!

If you are looking for a deal...look no further.

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Olas Verdes Hotel, the first L.E.E.D. Platinum Certified Hotel in Costa Rica and the first Platinum L.E.E.D. surf hotel in the WORLD!
Home of and partners with Safari Surf School
olas verdes

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Discover the "Breath Techniques" of the worlds elite big wave riders & free divers ...More

Proudly rated by our customers

One of the World’s Top 20 Surf Towns

“Nosara stands out as a town par excellence. Warm water, friendly locals, endless beaches…”

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Billabong Camps is a collection of the finest surf camps from around the world and we are proud to be considered one of the best.

Top 45 Places To Go To In 2014

“If you want to try to stand up for your first time, check in with the folks from Safari Surf School.”

Surfing since 1998

Safari Surf is more than a "surf school." Immerse yourself in an authentic sustainable surf vacation experience. We will share with you our passion and vast knowledge for the art of wave riding, our amazing community, the local people and the culture behind Safari Surf School.
All this while leaving an incredibly small carbon "footprint" behind.

  • “For me, just 1 week with the Safari Family felt like a whole month. I’ve learned so much about surfing, the local culture, the wildlife and the great people here.”

    Stan Reimgen, Germany

  • “We had a truly immersive experience in the magical waves and town of Nosara. I’ve already begun planning our next adventure with the Safari Surf School.”

    Maia Dery, USA

  • “I had such a great time!!! Everyone was so incredibly nice and friendly. I actually got up and rode a wave on day 1!”

    Karen Wagshul, USA

  • “Safari Surf organized an incredible service experience for our college student group, working hand in hand with the wonderful people in Nosara.”

    Michael Barclay, USA

Commitment to

We have a passion for surfing, and as a surfers we have a deep connection with the environment that enables us to enjoy this unique lifestyle.

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