Safari Surf’s Dynamic “foodie” Duo!

Foodie: A foodie, as defined by Wikipedia, is a gourmet or a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages. While gourmet and epicurean can be used as synonyms they have fallen out of favor and bring to mind a stodgy or snobbish attitude.Simply stated, a foodie is a person keenly interested in food, especially in eating or cooking. I am not sure this descriptive has been adopted into Costa Rican culinary culture yet, but if there ever were two avid foodies in Nosara, they are Safari Surfs Maritza Sanchez and Alicia Matamoros. They have worked together in local foodservice establishments for 11 years, including five years at Casa Tucan, Safari Surfs original home. Maritza wears the chef’s hat while Alicia is a top-shelf bartender and food server. Together they really are a dynamic duo! As the construction of the Olas Verdes Sustainable Surf Resort moves full speed ahead, we look to these two talented ladies to play significant roles in the development of the resorts restaurant and bar. They are both brimming with excitement and chock full of ideas for both the food and bar service operations. Here’s an inside peek – provecho!


Chef Maritza Sanchez                                                                                                         Server/Bartender Alicia Matamoros
Alicia and Maritza are very familiar faces around Safari Surf. This past year as we adjusted to conducting business in the “Safari House”, they have been the ultimate food team. Maritza’s wonderful cooking and Alicia’s seamless service just seem to complement each other. I have seen these girls in action when 25 ravenous Safari Surf students were awaiting dinner. The barbeque was cranking and all burners on the stove blazing away. When dinner was ready everyone sat down and was treated to one amazing multi-course dinner. The timing was just incredible as Alicia and Maritza orchestrated the cooking/serving with precision coordination. They are used to working in small cramped spaces so the move to Olas Verdes is like a dream come true to them.


Alicia’s special touches                                                                                                        Nobody leaves hungry

shrimp cocktail
pina colada
mojito 2
tuna slice

We spent a couple of hours together chatting about the exciting things to come:
PL: Well ladies what do you think about this new opportunity at Ola Verdes?
Alicia:It is like a dream come true, something I have always hoped for.
Maritza:All of my past cooking experiences have been in preparation for an opportunity like this, a place where I can express myself in my cooking, recipes, and flavors.
PL:You two have worked together a combined total of 11 years. What do you consider your strong points?
Maritza:I love to cook; I guess you can call me a chef! I incorporate a number of different styles, flavors, and influences into my cooking, from Italian, French, Mediterranean, and local “tipico” recipes; I think this is called “fusion”.
Alicia:My background is in bartending and food service. I love to work with the public. Safari Surfs guests are always wonderful people; I want to make them feel welcome and to have a great vacation here. Also – I make amazing cocktails!
PL:What kind of menu will Olas Verdes feature?
Maritza:Everything fresh, fresh, fresh. We will be a green and sustainable resort and our food will reflect that: salads, fruits, and lots of fresh seafood. One specialty will be our Ceviche, made fresh daily. I want to have a variety of daily fresh fish selections. I will also feature local ‘tipico’ favorites such as lomito jalapeño (filet mignon in jalapeño sauce), and arroz con pollo.
Alicia:I will create a bar menu using only fresh fruits and juices. Our mojito will be made with fresh yerba buena (mint), margaritas will be created with fresh hand-squeezed lime juice, and daiquiris will come in many flavors: mango, pineapple, banana, strawberry, and passion fruit.


foodie spread
The restaurant at Olas Verdes will feature indoor and outdoor dining. The facility is adjacent to the wildlife refuge, providing a green and serene atmosphere. There will be outdoor patio dining overlooking the pool and jungle. Keep tuning into the Safari Surf website and Facebook page for updates and previews!
Ola Verdes – Restaurant & Deck Dining


Dream Team: Jeffrey, Alicia, & Maritza