Despite the cold water and unpredictable breaks, learning to surf in LA is totally great — the congenial atmosphere ensures no one cares if you accidentally take their waves, because they realize you’re just learning an– OW! WHAT THE — BRODY JENNER JUST STABBED ME WITH HIS SURFBOARD!!! For a surf situation that sits Hills above anything in LA, check out Safari Surf School
Safari Surf School’s an off-the-beaten-path, optionally all-inclusive, week-long surf academy for everyone from beginners to experts in a tiny beachside town called Nosara in Costa Rica, w/ predictably rideable waves on a pristine, warm-water, nature-preserve beach accessible either via a dirt road or through a jungle path that unexpectedly ends at a sandy graveyard, which is presumably where Sandy Alomar, Jr. rockets baseballs at you from a catcher’s stance until you die! Lessons happen for an hour-plus twice a day, starting with basics (paddling, standing, etc.) on the beach and continuing in the water, first getting you comfortable on the whitewater before eventually heading out behind the break Read More