NOSARA, Guanacaste — I honestly did not think my Costa Rican girlfriend would take a surfing lesson with me, as she does not know how to swim and is afraid of deep water. Yet here she was, 49 years old, hauling a 9-foot board into the Pacific Ocean at Playa Guiones for a lesson with 20-something Kevin from Safari Surf School.
“Are you sure this thing won’t sink?” Guiselle asked, and it was a serious question — she feared the surfboard would sink when she stood up on it.
Kevin cracked up and said, “¿Cómo se te ocurre eso?” How do you even think of that?
Guiselle got washing-machined once by a wave in Flamingo, rolled over and over, and never again has she entered the ocean much deeper than her waist. She told me later she was feeling a bit fearful as she walked out into the water at Guiones, jumping over some pretty strong waves, holding onto her board. Read More