As surfers, we feel we must be as environmentally conscious as possible in all facets of life, including our business. Sustainability, however, goes beyond just one’s environmental impact. Sustainability in travel and tourism means not only being eco-conscious and reducing waste but ensuring our existence as a business doesn’t displace, diminish, or damage the local culture and economy. 2020 was a rocky year for travel, but we used that time to reflect on our core values as a business in Costa Rica and as surfers. This year, we aim to continue our sustainable mission through a commitment to preserving, protecting, and improving the natural environment of Nosara, its culture, and its people. To find out more about our sustainability goals for 2021, continue reading below.

STOKE Certified

Safari Surf is proud to be STOKE Certified. STOKE is the Sustainable Tourism and Outdoors Kit for Evaluation. They are the world’s first sustainability certification body specifically for adventure travel. Sustainability in travel is so much more than encouraging guests to reuse their towels and turn off the lights when they leave the room. Sustainability is about committing to environmental protects above all else, leaving in place the nature that’s around you, and working tirelessly to ensure the perseverance of local culture in an increasingly saturated tourism market.

Wildlife Protection

As we mentioned in our wildlife blog post, Safari Surf has a close relationship with Refuge for Wildlife here in Nosara. Refuge for Wildlife rescues, rehabilitates, and returns injured animals to the wild. The work solely off donations, so for every guest that purchases a Safari Surf School All-Inclusive package, Safari Surf School donated $50 to Nosara Wildlife Refuge.

Nature Conservation

Through Fonofifo, Safari Surf is able to track and offset our carbon output by purchasing carbon credits. As a travel business, we have a heavy carbon footprint from the sheer distances our guests travel to get to our surf school. Each season, we calculate the distance traveled by our guests, as well as the work commutes of our staff, and purchase carbon credits to offset the heavy toll of travel.

100% Local Staff

Sustainability goals
The Costa Rican Community is part of the Safari Surf School identity. At Safari Surf School, we only hire and train local people. Unlike many in the surf tourism business, our staff is 100% Costa Rican.

Community Outreach Through Pack for a Purpose

Sustainable Travel
Pack for a Purpose allows travelers to make a small impact in the local community through school supplies donations. Next time you’re packing to head to Nosara on a surf trip, leave room in your suitcase for school supplies. Through Pack for a Purpose, Safari Surf has donated to local schools annually for 16 years.
Sustainability is at the core of what we do every day. If it were not for the local community here in Nosara and for the Ocean, there would be no Safari Surf. If you’re ready to book your stay and surf lesson package, head to our website.