Learning to surf is no easy feat. It takes a lifetime to truly master surfing and understand all the nuances of the ocean and the art of wave riding. While it can take years to become technically proficient and self-reliant in the water, the process is fun as hell. As we have said over and over again, once you catch your first wave, you’re hooked for life. Quite a bit of work will go into catching that first wave. To make that process easier, you’ll want to be sure you’re surfing in a proper learning environment, like our home break at our Nosara surf school. An ideal beginner-friendly wave has a sand bottom, minimal crowds, friendly locals, and a variety of peaks, just like our home break in Nosara, Playa Guiones. To learn more about why Playa Guiones is the ultimate wave for learning and progression, continue reading below.
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Sand, sand, sand

Costa Rica has all types of waves reef breaks, river mouth waves, point breaks, and, of course, beach breaks. Playa Guiones, our home break, located steps away from our Nosara surf school, is a long, sandy beach break with endless peaks. Unlike a reef break or a point break, surfers at Playa Guiones have no chance of hitting rocks or reef when they wipe out. The main peak at Playa Guiones breaks in deep water, so you likely won’t hit bottom if you fall. Additionally, there are plenty of shallow areas for learning the fundamentals.
Friendly locals
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Many new surfers may be intimidated by the concept of localism in surfing. While localism may be a problem in other places, Costa Rica has some of the friendliest local surfers on the planet. Costa Rica surfers want visitors to have a great time and will give you a smile in the lineup when you paddle out. Like Hawaii’s “aloha,” Costa Rica’s “Pura Vida” spirit encompasses every aspect of life, including surfing. Whether you’re surfing with an instructor from our Nosara surf school or out on your own, you’re sure to find Costa Rica lineups to be welcoming.

There’s plenty of peaks to choose from

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Playa Guiones’ sandy shoreline stretches for nearly four and a half miles, so there’s plenty of room for surfers to spread out and find his or her own peak. The middle of Playa Guiones is home to the main peak, which holds more size than the other peaks, and offers both lefts and rights. Further to the south of Playa Guiones, near our Nosara surf school, the waves are a bit smaller than those at the main peak. On the occasion that there’s a large swell hitting Playa Guioness, beginners can always walk to the south and paddle out in some more beginner-friendly conditions.

Soft entries

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Even when the waves at Playa Guiones are on the bigger side, the drops are still relatively sloped and forgiving, which makes them great for progression. Unlike many Central American beach break with hollow waves that break quickly and heavily, Playa Guiones peels slowly. Playa Guiones’ forgiving setup allows for the intermediate surfer and beginner surfers to ride sizeable waves. By the end of your time in Costa Rica and with your instructors at our Nosara surf school, you may be surprised by the size of waves you’re riding.
To find out more about our home break, come and see it for yourself. Head to our website to book your trip and surf lessons today! If you’ve visited our Nosara surf school, and want to continue your progression as a surfer, check out Safari Surf School in Playa Venao, Panama.