If you’re thinking about planning a surf trip to Costa Rica, chances are you’re wondering what each day will bring. Maybe it’s your first surf trip, and you’re hoping to pick up a new hobby that will get you outside and active. Maybe, it’s your first time out of the country, and you’re using surfing as a vehicle of exploration to see the world. Regardless of your reason, if you choose to surf and stay with us at Safari Surf School, you’re all but guaranteed to have a unique travel experience centered around surf progression and exploring Costa Rica. At Safari Surf School, you can book a package or build your vacation from the ground up, picking and choosing from your favorite offerings. No matter what you choose, your days will have a few commonalities, like surfing and great meals. So, dive in below to check out A Day in the Life at Safari Surf School: Surf lessons, Epic Meals, and More.
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Morning Surf
When you surf, your days are decided for you. The wind, the tides, and the swell decide where and when you’ll be and for how long. As much as you may try to control your time, there’s no resisting the ocean when conditions line up. At Safari Surf School, we operate on the ocean’s schedule. The tides decide when we begin our morning surf lessons. We’ll fuel up for our surf lessons with Costa Rica’s finest coffee and a light fruit breakfast and then walk down our private path to Playa Guiones. Our expert surf instructors will match you in a group with surfers of your skill level so that the focus can remain on progression in the water. Depending on your skill level, you may be perfecting your popup, practicing riding down the line, or working on turning. Our surf instructors are the best in the business. Each instructor is ISA certified. Many of our instructors have been with us for well over a decade and have taught hundreds of students to surf.

Breakfast of Champions

Safari Surf School
After an exhilarating surf session, we return to Olas Verdes and cool down in the pool before breakfast. Choose from a variety of healthy and local options to refuel after your time in the water while sharing stories from your surf session with friends, family, and other guests.

Midday Adventures

After breakfast and surf lessons, guests have the opportunity to explore at will and seek out everything Nosara has to offer. Choose from invigorating yoga classes, jungle ziplines, ATV tours, wildlife tours, waterfall hikes, or hang by the pool with a good book. The day is yours to make the most of it.

Sunset Surfs

Costa Rica Waves
Depending on the tide, we’ll head back down to Playa Guiones for a late afternoon surf, typically between 3:30 PM and Sunset. By the time the afternoon rolls around, the midday winds have calmed, and the waves at Playa Guiones come to shore in groomed, clean lines. Afternoon surfs provide guests the opportunity to reinforce the techniques and practices from their morning surf lessons.

Dinner out on the town

Nosara has blossomed into a foodie’s paradise that is a joy to explore. Whether we’re eating dinner at Olas Verdes or venturing out on the town, you’re sure to find a meal worth writing home about. In recent years, Nosara has become a wellness destination, so it’s easy to find delicious meals to fit any dietary needs or restrictions. Nosara is a mecca for travelers, so in addition to decadent local flavors, you’ll find dishes from around the world. If you’re a bit a night owl, after dinner, head to Tropicana for some drinks and dancing.
Every day in Nosara is a bit different, but the one thing that can be expected of each day is that we’ll get in the water and enjoy the perfect waves in Playa Guiones. Safari Surf School packages are great for anyone looking to make the most of their time in Nosara. Book one of our packages or contact us and have us build you a custom package from scratch. If you’re ready to book your next surf trip, head to our website.