As we mentioned in our Sustainability Goals for 2021 post, our local staff are the x-factor of Safari Surf School. As the first school to open up shop in Nosara, back in 1999, Safari Surf has been a trendsetter for similar businesses in Costa Rica. In over 20 years in business in Costa Rica, we’ve learned that no one quite compares to the local community. Our staff has a deep passion for surfing, the ocean, and sharing Costa Rican culture and Pura Vida hospitality with our guests. Since we were the first surf school to open in Nosara, some of our staff members have been with us for decades. Others have come on board a bit later, but either way, our staff is our family. In this week’s Safari Surf Staff Highlight, we introduce one of our long-time surf coaches, Alonzo.
Safari Surf

Hey Alonzo, where are you from, and how long have you been working with Safari Surf School?
I’ve been working as a surf coach with Safari for 14 years. I’m from Nosara. I grew up here and live in Nosara Centro.
And how long have you been surfing, and what are some of your favorite waves around?
I’ve been surfing for just about 25 years. My favorite waves around here are “Osti” (Playa Ostional) and Playa Guinoes.
What kind of boards do you like to ride?
I typically go for squash tail thrusters. Sharp Eye definitely makes some of the best surfboards.
So, what’s your favorite part about working at Safari Surf School?
It’s been an amazing experience teaching people to surf, being in the water with them while they learn, and watching them progress from complete beginners to surfers. I love connecting with repeat clients who come back year after year and making real friendships outside of surf lessons.