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Inside Peak – Equinox

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Spring has Sprung! (sort of!) On Monday, September 22, 2014, autumn began astronomically in the Northern Hemisphere. This also marked the start of spring in the southern half of the globe. The September equinox is the moment when the sun appears to cross the celestial equator heading southward. At the equinox, the sun rises directly… Read more »

Inside Peak – Surfers Who Stayed: Emily

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Name: Emily Lewis Status: Year-round since 2008 Business: Owner of Ems Yums deserts/Dog Rescuer The Road Less Traveled One of greatest things about our beach here is that it seems to pull you into the water. The gradual sloping descent of the ocean floor creates numerous fun zones where the white water regenerates into smaller/mellow new waves…. Read more »

Inside Peak – Surfers Who Stayed: Robbie Vickers

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SURFERS WHO STAYED Name:Robbie Vickers Status: Year-round since 2005 Business:Owner: Mini Super Guiones “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” It seems most folks are drawn to the melodic ‘Irish Lilt’. My friend Robbie Vickers has one; he was born and raised in Ireland. Ireland is a beautiful country with lots of open green spaces, and heaps… Read more »

Inside Peak – Surfers Who Stayed: Richard Jordan

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If you have visited Nosara there’s a good chance you liked it so much you found yourself fantasizing about living here. Wanderlust, escapism, dreamscaping – it’s a natural part of the travel experience. End of the road places always seem to have memorable distinct characters, expats and the like, who took the road less traveled… Read more »

Inside Peak – Foodies!

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Safari Surf’s Dynamic “foodie” Duo! Foodie: A foodie, as defined by Wikipedia, is a gourmet or a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages. While gourmet and epicurean can be used as synonyms they have fallen out of favor and bring to mind a stodgy or snobbish attitude.Simply stated, a foodie is… Read more »

Inside Peak – Meet The Chandler Family

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It’s been a great week here at Safari, highlighted by the visit of The Chandler Family and their guests. I pondered scripting a splashy and profound title for this blog; “Genesis of a Dream” or “Jersey Angels” or how about “Olas Verdes First Family Revealed”. The truth is, the Chandlers are such gentle, lovely, “salt… Read more »

Inside Peak – Little Summer

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EL VERANILLO de SAN JUAN “Little Summer” We have been experiencing a long stretch of beautiful dry sunny weather and all day offshore winds this month, more so than in past years. The locals refer to these dry spells as the “veranillo”, which means ‘little summer’. I have read in various guide books that the… Read more »

Inside Peak – Surf Forecasting

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This past week the entire west coast of Costa Rica (and Central America) was slammed by a massive “Southern Hemi”. That’s surf speak indicating a swell born on the poles and charging up from the Southern Hemisphere. In this era of technological advancements and wizardry, these swells are now predicted well in advance of the… Read more »

Inside Peak – Driving in Costa Rica

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Road Trip! Costa Rica is a wonderful place to explore by rental car. In my early years as a travel agent for Surf Express Travel in Florida, the majority of our bookings were fly/drive packages, facilitating adventurous minded surfers to roam the country looking for perfect, uncrowded surf. Renting a car in Costa Rica has… Read more »

Inside Peak – Soccer Madness!

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Soccer Madness Captures Nosara! The 20th edition of the World Cup of soccer kicked off on June 12 in host country Brazil. Not being a big team sports fan, I was converted on last Friday when Costa Rica won their game 1-0 against highly favored Italy. This happened as I was driving to the beach…. Read more »