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Everything You Need to Know About Surfing in Panama & Our Home Break, Playa Venao

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Playa Venao

Panama’s serpentine dual coastlines have been attracting surfers for decades. The heavy military, industrial, and financial presence of the United States in Panama during the twentieth century led to the inevitable surf exploration of both coastlines during the seventies and eighties. As Central America’s most populated country, one would assume that Panama’s waves break onto… Read more »

Why More Visitors are Heading to Panama & How we Settled on Playa Venao

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Playa Venao

As much as we love our home in Nosara, Costa Rica, and our home break Playa Guiones, we can’t say no to a new adventure. When we decided to expand our operations at Safari Surf, we looked far and wide for a wave and location that reminded us a bit of our roots in Playa Guiones but still had an independent culture and identity. Most of all, we wanted a new adventure for ourselves, and our Safari Surf guests. After leaving no stone unturned and much deliberation, we settled on a little slice of paradise known as Playa Venao, Panama. To find out more about our Panama operation and why we fell in love with Playa Venao, continue reading below for Why More Visitors are Heading to Panama & How we Settled on Playa Venao for Safari Surf.