Tips for Intermediate Surfers from Our Nosara Surf School

Making the leap from an intermediate surfer who can catch waves on their own, cleanly ride down the line, and turn, to an advanced surfer who is comfortable in most conditions, can ride a variety of boards, and maneuver with ease on the waves face, is one of the most difficult transitions to make in surfing. The instructors and guides at our Nosara surf school, Safari Surf School, want to make that transition as seamless as possible, so we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help intermediate surfers progress in the water. While there’s no replacement for time in the water, these tips are a step in the right direction for intermediate surfers looking to improve. To learn Tips for Intermediate Surfers from Our Nosara Surf School, continue reading below

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Why Playa Guiones in front of our Nosara Surf School is the Ultimate Learning Break

Learning to surf is no easy feat. It takes a lifetime to truly master surfing and understand all the nuances of the ocean and the art of wave riding. While it can take years to become technically proficient and self-reliant in the water, the process is fun as hell. As we have said over and over again, once you catch your first wave, you’re hooked for life. Quite a bit of work will go into catching that first wave. To make that process easier, you’ll want to be sure you’re surfing in a proper learning environment, like our home break at our Nosara surf school. An ideal beginner-friendly wave has a sand bottom, minimal crowds, friendly locals, and a variety of peaks, just like our home break in Nosara, Playa Guiones. To learn more about why Playa Guiones is the ultimate wave for learning and progression, continue reading below.
Nosara Surf School
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