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What Costa Rican Wave is Right for Your Skill Level: Our Nosara Wave Guide

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Costa Rica Waves

So, you’re thinking about taking a surf trip to Costa Rica? Regardless of your skill level or prior surfing experience, Costa Rica has a wave for you. For beginners, Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline stretches for hundreds of miles and is dotted with friendly beach breaks that are ideal for learning. For intermediate surfers, Costa Rica has a variety of waves that are perfect for progression, like sizable beach breaks and slow rolling rocky points. Advanced surfers will get their fill at Costa Rica’s notorious barreling beachies and seemingly endless left points. To find out which wave you should be surfing on your next Costa Rica surf trip, continue reading below.

Avoid These Beginner Surf Mistakes with Tips from Our Nosara Surf School

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Nosara Surf School

Surfing is not like most sports. Plenty of people try surfing and decide it’s not for them, but once a beginner surfer catches his or her first wave and rides cleanly down the line, they’re hooked. Like all things worth doing, surfing requires a tremendous amount of time, patience, hard work, and even a bit of luck sometimes. Our surf coaches at our Nosara surf school, Safari Surf School, teach hundreds of new surfers every year. We’ve seen new surfers excel and master the basics quickly, and we’ve had students struggle wave after wave to find their feet. Each student, however, is thrilled after their first wave. The journey from riding your first wave to becoming a sufficiently skilled surfer is a long one, but it’s filled with endless small victories that make the road well worth traveling. To help new surfers transition to the intermediate level, we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes beginner surfers make and how to avoid them. Continue below to read Avoid These Common Beginner Surf Mistakes with Tips from Our Nosara Surf School.